Integrated RFP Tool

A classic challenge for this category is: How can we make sure that agreements become visible where they are supposed to be: For all the meeting planners when they are about to plan a meeting?

The Meeting Manager platform handles this challenge easily and efficiently: All agreed rates and their accompanying terms for cancellations/reductions are directly uploaded in the module for meeting planners, which makes them highly visible, both in the search engine and inside sourcing projects. Further, we even present these rates to the vendors when they are preparing proposals. And - the system identifies "vendor typos" to secure that you will get at least the rates you should expect.

This secures better utilisation of existing agreements and less "outside-contracts-spend".

Rates are instantly visible where the meeting planner needs them - when searching for venues and when working with proposals: 

The entire tender process is supported by the system's RFP Tool that allows for a flexible process. Among other features, you have access to:

  • Easy selection of participating vendors
  • Define your meeting packages to match your specific needs
  • Define your own requirements for the cancellation and reduction terms
  • Plan and execute the first round to obtain initial offers
  • Analyse received bids and select successful vendors for subsequent round(s)
  • Plan and execute subsequent 'negotiation rounds'
  • Negotiation 1:1 or set individual targets for each package and vendor


  • FUll dialogue with vendors throughout the process
  • Q&A facility
  • Accept or reject proposals as required

The platform supports several tender strategies and of course we can do it for you - or simply upload your existing agreements for you. If you leave it for us to do the tender process for you, you will only be required to

  • Select vendors (or accept/adjust) our proposal for a long list
  • Determine your tender strategy and define your required terms and conditions (unless you accept vendors' terms)
  • Assess received first round bids and (optional) select qualifiers for subsequent rounds
  • Review and assess second round bids and possibly perform negotiations (you may leave this for us, too)
  • Final selection of the vendors you want to have in your portfolio for the coming period

For a mid-size tender, you may expect that you should spend 10-20 hours, possibly less. We'll take care of all the rest for you.


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